The Ladies Community

The Ladies Community (“TLC”) is the power source for women living amazing, inspired, connected lives they love.

We met The Ladies Community at a pivotal point in their business. The founder and her team had gained incredible traction in Toronto, building a community of over 10,000 members in just two short years. They had all the plans in place to launch TLC in New York City, Los Angeles, and Melbourne, but wanted to take a critical look at their brand before scaling worldwide. 

With the recent upswell in women’s communities all over the globe, we worked with TLC to ensure that their verbal and visual brand was clear, compelling, differentiated and polished, allowing them to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their fellow leaders in the space. 


Our objectives:

  • Elevate the profile of TLC and create a more polished, professional face for the brand

  • Create a high-end, exclusive feel that stands out amidst the other players in the ecosystem of women’s communities

  • Build an uplifting brand for women that highlights personal growth, spirituality, career, and the importance of friendship and community

  • Develop targeted messaging and communications to speak to the various TLC audiences


We Developed:

  • Brand strategy 

  • Brand personality, values and behaviors

  • Visual Identity

  • Design system

  • Messaging strategy

  • Marketing materials

  • Implementation planning

  • Website

  • Web app design and messaging

  • Internal and external brand communications

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