Don't waste your time & money on this brand element when you’re just starting out

The next game-raising tip in our series The Dos & Don'ts That Brand Beginners Need To Hear is at your service, my friends!


Tip #2

Don’t Waste Time and Money On Your Logo When You're Just Starting Out

It might shock you that I’m saying this, but if you’re a budding entrepreneur in the first six months to one year of business—hear me out on this one (and thank me later).

The number one burning need that shiny new business owners come to me with is …(drum roll)... a logo and accompanying color palette. And this makes complete sense. You have an idea for a product or service, you’ve just decided to go “all in” on this super exciting (and scary!) thing, and what do you need—like, yesterday? Business cards! And a website! Marketing materials! All that important stuff that tells the world that you’ve arrived, you’re credible and you mean business.

The urgency is real, and that’s why I encourage folks who find themselves in this boat to press pause for just a minute and consider an alternative path. My approach is infinitely more strategic, insanely more budget-friendly, and supports you in building a brand that will truly serve your business and sales goals... and endure for years to come.

My friends, I present to you my 3 step path to a logo you love, that delivers on both instant logo gratification and long-term brand success:


Put your iconic logo design dreams on hold for now (I know, I know!), and create a temporary wordmark to represent your brand.

For those of you new to the design world, a wordmark is simply your business name set in an ownable or unique font. Many successful, renowned brands rock the wordmark, so this is not a bad solution—AND the beauty of it is that it can be easily evolved when you’re ready to invest in your brand.

For you wordmark newbies, here are a few that you’ll recognize:


Experimenting with a budget-friendly design solution like Canva or 99Designs to get your immediate logo needs met, and do a small run of inexpensive business cards using an online vendor like Moo—my personal favorite. Pop that badboy on your website and anywhere else you need it, and call it a day *for now*.


Dig in and do the real, foundational work on your brand.

Because the term “brand strategy” sounds fancy, technical and out-of-reach for so many business owners, the majority of them have unfortunately avoided this critical phase of business building altogether, put it “on the back burner”, or cranked it out by themselves in one afternoon at a coffee shop.

As someone who has worked with some of the world’s most recognized and successful brands, I can tell you that they all believe in, prioritize, and invest in brand strategy. You can’t differentiate yourself, show up powerfully in the world, engage hearts and minds, convert followers into fans, or consistently secure dollars from customers without it.

Your strategy is the north star for your brand, the way you can understand yourself in the context of the marketplace—and own your own space—and will 100% inform the beautiful logo design that you deserve.

BONUS: I created a FREE strategic tool to help you start building the strategic foundation of your brand—My Secret Brand Alchemy Formula—available for download here.

step 3:

Create the logo that your business needs and deserves.

Once you have your brand strategy in place, I officially GREEN LIGHT you invest in a talented designer who will go all out to bring your brand to life in the most beautiful, customized—and strategic—way possible. Forget generic icons or boring symbols that have been used a million times before. A great designer will run with your brand strategy and visualize it for you in ways will make your CEO heart soar.

You should be nothing less than obsessed with your brand, and you deserve a logo—and supporting elements like color, icons and other visual accessories—that communicates your purpose, reaches your followers, stands up against your competitors, and endures for years to come.

This is the logo you’ll be happy you waited for.

Coming Next: The first thing to do after you’ve landed on a brand name!