Don't skip this important step of brand building

Never compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

I know that getting your brand together can feel like this big, urgent, important and mysterious thing... especially when you're just starting out.

You might scroll through Instagram or Facebook looking at other brands that are totally killing it, and you start playing the (DUN DUN DUNNNN) comparison game. You might think to yourself... If only I could be more like_____! What's she/he doing that I'm not doing? How can I get to where they are—and do it fast?

I've been there, and every. single. successful business owner has been there too. My personal go-to's in the comparison game are Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield—complete business goddess unicorns, those ladies!!!

My friend, I'll tell you exactly what I tell myself in moments like these... you are comparing your sweet baby business to a much more mature empire that someone else has been building for years and years. The growing process takes time.

The final tip in our series The Dos & Don'ts That Brand Beginners Need To Hear was created juuuuust for moments like this. 

When you're comparing your beginning to someone else's middle...

Tip #4

Don’t give in and rush your own process, or borrow from others to "get you there faster"

I'm personally skeptical of anything with the word "fast" attached to it. Fast food, fast fashion, fast cash. Short term convenience, yes. But, there's always a trade-off. 

Same thing goes for branding.

If your heart's set on being the next ___[insert your biggest idol here]____ you're already going about the whole thing wrong. Nobody wants another Oprah—we already have one, and she's amazing! The world wants it's very own YOU, and you're the only one who can birth that one-of-a-kind, breathtaking brand into being.

You owe it to yourself—and your business—to roll up your sleeves and start soul-searching and strategizing so that you can come to the table 100% certain of who you are, how you're different, and why anyone else should care.

I'm going quickly to share an analogy I love using...

When you're building a brand, you're building the house that your business will live and grow in. Getting the foundation (strategy) and bones (identity) right is the most critical piece to ensuring that the house will endure for years and years to come. That foundational work can be slow, but man is it important to get right.

When you take the time to become the MOST you, and the BEST you that you can possibly be, you empower yourself to confidently take the world by storm.

Don't take the fast track or the easy way out and borrow someone else's content, or piggy-back off of some else's voice / style / offering / etc. The world—and future WILDLY successful you—will be glad you did. 

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